ITACA operates with professionalism and competence on the water treatment business through potable water solutions, plants and equipment, desalination, softening and filtration of the water. Our company has been operating successfully in the world, thanks to the experience acquired over the years. We can offer a complete service of design, technical consulting, supply, management and maintenance of facilities dedicated to the treatment of water for industrial, commercial and domestic use. Among the main activities there is also the construction of water filtration systems for pools and facilities dedicated to wellness and SPA.


ITACA is able to provide specific and functional solutions for water treatment in commercial and industrial activities. Water treatment plants, desalination reverse osmosis, ultrapure water production, filtration and softening, disinfection of water systems, are technologies that ITACA can supply to its customers.


ITACA has developed through the years the most advanced technology for the process of removing salt from water containing salt fraction, typically sea water, in order to obtain low-salt water. The water desalination process allows to reuse the water for potable use in general but also for industrial use as cooling water or as process water.


ITACA provides advanced filtration systems for swimming pools, wellness centers and SPA which perfectly guarantee purified and controlled water, with a limited use of chemicals and an optimum recycling even in the hours of greater affluence. ITACA supports the most important architects to create and implement their projects and ideas and always give new life to the water.


ITACA is specialized in providing chemical solutions for water treatment. We are able to supply technologically advanced formulations for the management of cooling circuits, steam centrals, district heating networks, anti-scalant to protect the reverse osmosis membranes, biocides.


The Legionella risk assessment is required by law and is a tool for the protection of workers or those who come or may come into contact with such sources of risk. Our technical experts assess the structure of the water supply and air conditioning systems and all sources of potential risk of development of Legionella. ITACA provides the customer with a single document on data collection and risk assessment.


ITACA products improve water for domestic use improving comfort and reliability to the home environment. The benefits of using ITACA equipment for domestic use: water to drink always good straight from the tap, in cooking it enhances the flavor of food, makes your skin and hair soft, reduces the use of detergents and hinders the creation of limestone.

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